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Our beer is for everyone and strongly believe in its superior taste and flavour. But there is no doubt the magic of Crafty is our game-changing calorie level for a regular session beer. We all look at calories differently and with that in mind we looked to one of the most diverse areas of the animal kingdom. CATS. They may be seen as the quiet house dwellers but they are the Kings of the Savannah, the fastest animal on earth and the most dominant predator on the planet. 

From Siamese Cats to Siberian Tigers we can all find something that represents us in the family tree of the Felis Catus. Whatever your approach to calories we think one of the creatures we've highlighted will sum up your approach. So it's time to decide, what kind of cat are you and do you change depending on the day. Most importantly, what is your motivation for switching your beer choice to the lower calorie great tasting Crafty Super Natural Lager. 


The sophisticated King of the Jungle, the Top Cat

is a go-getter.

They're super comfortable grabbing a swift pint on their own or sitting in a beer garden on a summers day, lapping up the sun and enjoying a few beers. 

These guys and girls are the Alpha of the pack, you'll let someone else make a plan but if you don't like the plan you'll happily take yourself off and do something else.


The Top Cat drinks Crafty because it's his choice and they don't feel the need to explain it to you. The Top Cat looks forward to sharing a drink with you soon.          

THE HOUSE CAT_edited.jpg


Our House Cat is a feature in the bar at all times

Elegant and classy, always immaculately groomed, the house cat has his own pint glass behind the bar in his favourite pub. They are known by their first name by the landlord and if they have a tab it's always paid on time.

The House Cat still cares about their appearance. There's no point in having a perfectly tailored suit if the dam thing doesn't fit six months later. But the House Cat still requires quality produce and that's why they drink Crafty. You won't catch them dead with a diet book in hand. This is about no compromise class.               


The Fast Cat is a gym goer in the morning, a party

animal at night.

They're confident in their own skin and they keep an eye on the waste line. Crafty is a choice for our Fast Cat but its also a god send.

 The saved calories present an opportunity for our Fast Cat. More time on body work in the gym, a couple of extra pints one night, or perhaps just a cheeky cheat day for lunch at work. 


The Fast Cat keeps ahead of the game and they will do what they can to always be ahead of that game. Crafty is a lifestyle for our Fast Cats.



The extreme cat always looking for the latest thril​l

We all know the cat who just can't get off the mountain lifestyle. Winter or Summer they are looking for an extreme opportunity. Most importantly though our Snow Cat won't let down the apre-ski bar. They drink Crafty to stay fit for the slope and to hit the first powder in the morning. 

When home our Snow Cat is just preparing for the next adventure. Living for the weekend and saving the pounds both financial and physical for the next big challenge ahead. 


A go-getter who is out to win and succeed whilst

bossing the tribe. 

The Hunt Cat is a go-getter. There's nothing they won't do to succeed when they are bossing the pride. They drink Crafty because frankly if you are out and about and active why would you drink any other beer. They are in control and you respect it . 

The Hunt Cat is the planner in the pride, always got a weekend excursion, trip away, or group plan in mind. If they're not in your group you need one. When push comes to shove they are the one that will make sure there is Crafty in the fridge. 




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